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Installing Ubuntu raring-desktop-i386 the first step is going to be downloading the .iso image from Ubuntu . So I downloaded the was going threw the install and came across something interesting, the image file looks to be 12.10 not 13.04 even though on shut down it states 13.04, under system it describes itself as 12.10. You can check for yourself. Here is the rest of the install.

So now we have the iso downloaded and we need to get it onto a usb for the install please go here for help getting it on the usb.

The install is pretty straight forward. The first thing you see when you boot up is the ubuntu splash screen. I always install from from here instead of from the desktop. Go ahead and choose the languge that you would like to use. Then click the install Ubuntu button. 

The next screen “preparing to install Ubuntu” you will be prompted to Download updates while installing, I always choose this option. I also choose the install third-party option as well, I watch a lot of you-tube. Hit the continue button.  As shown below.

Now we are on the Install window here you have several choices , Erase, Encrypt, use LVM, or something else. Today I am doing a fresh install, So I will choose the Erase disk and install Ubuntu option. If you wanted to dual boot that option would be under Something else.

Click the Continue button. As shown below

While Ubuntu is copying files we are brought to the Where are you screen click the closest location mine is Louisville. Click continue.

Next is the key board layout pick yours mine is English (US). There is a place to test to make sure your keyboard is working. If for some reason you keyboard did not detect automatically. Go ahead and try the detect Keyboard Layout button. Then click continue.

The next screen is the name screen choose a name and a name for the pc, then choose a password confirm your password then click the require my password to log in. The reason for this is both security and it brings up the splash log in screen by default.

Now we come to the welcome screen here it should say “Welcome to Ubuntu 13.04”, but mine says 12.10. Well its installing sit back relax this may take a few minutes.

At this point Ubuntu installer is running the post-installation trigger intramfs-tools nothing to do but wait for the installer to finish.

Now we are brought to the Installation complete screen just click the Restart Now button.

Now we are brought to the Installation complete screen just click the Restart Now button.

This was interesting even though it stated we was installing 12.10 the shut down screen is showing Ubuntu 13.04. go ahead and remove the Usb and hit enter. We will see what version is installed after reboot..

After reboot you are brought to the login screen Type the password you set in the install. The desktop will start and you should be running 13.04.

The desktop looks a lot like 12.10...... lets check

The first picture below is of the file I downloaded showing raring-desktop-i386. The 2nd picture is a little confusing it shows the details screen showing version 12.10 and the terminal lsb_release -a showing 13.04 raring. I think they just forgot to change the details screen. So we are calling this one “Quantal-Raring-Ringtail” or "QRR" for short.

This is after all the first development release. And should not be used as a daily desktop, but it was new so decided to give it a go.

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below is a video of installing one of my favorite programs