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installing programs

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Installing programs

 We got the system up and running everything went great right? Now we need to install programs.In Ubuntu there is several ways to install programs. We will cover 2 the Ubuntu software center  and apt-get using a terminal
  Installing programs with the software center is a matter of clicking so go ahead and open the software center we are installing chromium, if you type chromium in the search it should be the first choice. just click it then type the password you set up when installing Ubuntu, it will install pretty simple.
then just type what program you would like to install in the search bar that simple.
Ok now on to the 2nd way to install a program in linux. the terminal 
now go to dash home type t in the search you should see a a program called terminal

Now go ahead and type this command
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser 
chromium is a web browser but what ever program you are going to install

it will ask for the sudo password this is the password you set when you installed Ubuntu
Then it will show you how much space will be used and ask if you are sure you want to install type y and hit enter.

OK now go to dash home and type c you should see chromium there congrats you installed your first program

here is a video show how to install programs that are not in repository

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